Symphony of the Hawai‘i Forests brings together music, art, science, hula, and storytelling to better connect the keiki with the forests of Hawai‘i through an immersive performance that fully embodies the collaborative spirit. Come watch the Hawai‘i Symphony Orchestra as they perform new music and animation of newly created ka‘ao (folktales) that tell of unforgettable stories about the forests of Hawai‘i.

We invite teachers to sign up for these concerts as soon as these concerts are offered. Teachers will be provided with online resources that will supplement the ideas and topics covered during the 45-minute symphony. A sitting hula will also be performed during the concert: we invite every attending class to learn the hula prior to attending so that they can join in with the rest of the audience.

The concerts are FREE, and are intended for grades 4 and above. Aid for bus transportation costs are available.

from a performance of the Symphony of the Hawaiian Birds

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